Watercookies created an exciting digital board game to teach kids grades K-7 about water, including anything from aquatic animals to conservation tips. Kids will have a blast racing each other to the end of the twisting river!

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Drinking Water Week is the first full week of May. Drinking Water Week 2019 is from May 5th to May 11th. The American Water Works Association invites the public to learn about how drinking water reaches the tap and to appreciate the water we have.

Watercookies has provided activity pages so even kids can learn about water. To download a printable PDF, click the cards below.

Water Cycle Coloring Page

Water Works Maze


Thanks to the generosity of our local sponsors and donors, Watercookies Inc. has achieved our goal of offering scholarships to assist students in western North Carolina to achieve their goals by pursuing university degrees in Environmental Science.

Scholarship benefits shall be paid by the Price Alliance directly to the scholarship recipient's selected educational institution in a one-time payment. Checks will be made co-payable to the educational institution and the student.

We will be offering 3 scholarships in 2018.


to assist with books and other on-campus expenses.


to assist with tuition, books, and campus expenses.


to assist with books and other on-campus expenses.

To be eligible for the Watercookies Environmental Scholarship, you must:

Applications should be e-mailed to info@watercookies.org or mailed to The Price Alliance, 33 Chestnut Ridge Road, Mills River, NC 28759 postmarked no later than November 30th, 2018.

Semifinalists will be notified and invited to interview with the Board of Directors by February 31st, 2019.

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