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In keeping with our motto, "Giving Tastes Good", we're offering these resources to support everyone interested in our youngsters' future access to clean water. Remember: No water, no beer, no coffee, no wine, no food, no life. 

No participation, no Watercookies Project. 

Please help keep us flowing your way.

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Build a Watershed Activity K-6

Where does the water go when it rains? Find out by making it rain, right in your classroom! In this activity, kids build a simple model of a landscape to see how water droplets flow and how the shape of the land helps collect water. By adding materials such as food coloring or paper to their landscapes, they also see how water carries pollutants

Activity Outline

Additional K-6 Activities

  • The Water Cycle Plate 
  • The Edible Aquifers 
  • The Crunch and Crumble Competition - So much fun!!

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